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Like a facial for your feet!

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Chemical Peel Pedicure

Your feet are an important, but often neglected part of your body. Give them the treatment they deserve and say goodbye to dry and dead skin, leaving you with beautifully smooth feet.

This luxury pedicure that focuses on the problem areas without leaving that well-deserved relaxing spa experience behind. This treatment was designed to give you long-lasting results on your feet, focusing on the dry area around the heel, hydrating nails and nourishing cuticles.

The treatment utilises a chemical alkaline peel which offers a much safer and more efficient method of exfoliation than the traditional scrub, filing or blading, thereby enhancing the overall treatment experience that is a pedicure.

Frequently Asked Questions, tips and what to bring...

What this treatment entails

What can I expect?

Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet. It utilises a “callus tonic” which works to alter the pH of the skin. This the breaks down the protein bonds that bind the dead skin cells to the epidermis. After a few minutes, the dead skin will be buffed away with a pumice. Once complete, a pH neutraliser is applied to rebalance the pH and help maintain the soft supple heels post treatment. From there, you specialist will continue with your regular pedicure treatment, making your baby-soft feet look as glam as you feel!

How is this different from a regular pedicure?

This pedicure includes everything that a normal pedicure offers, including cuticles, cutting and filing of nails, foot exfoliation and massage and polish application with the addition of a more thorough and deeper hard skin removal treatment in the form of a chemical peel.

Who is this treatment best for?

Great for pamper days, brides, always-on-their-feet mums, birthday spoils and even the men whose feet could use some TLC too! (Maybe skip the polish though.)


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